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Sticky: Cozy the Day Away Sale

Next sale date: April 26! More info here at Promise Press, the organizers of the sale, and/or check out their Discord server.

The organizers want to make sure everyone is getting a good deal on all the books, so here’s the full breakdown. The Healers’ Road is officially part of the sale, but all three Healers ebooks will be on sale at the same prices for the week beginning on April 25. The print book is the same as usual. (Sorry; it’s already about as cheap as it can get.)

Breakdown by Amazon storefront:
US: $3.99 -> $0.99
UK: £3.14 -> £0.99
Euro-based storefronts (DE, FR, ES, IT & NL): 3.75€ -> 2.69€
IN: 325 -> 49 INR
JP: 599¥ -> 99¥
CA: $5.25 -> $2.99
MX: 69.75 MXN -> 34.99 MXN
AU: $5.99 -> $3.99

i.e. “how low will Amazon let me set the price for the duration of this thing”. Honestly.

As a reader, I’m sure I’ll post about my haul as well. I plan to break my one-in one-out policy for this, so you know I’m taking it seriously. 😉

Neat sales news

Just a quick post to confirm/celebrate that The Healers’ Road will be part of the Cozy the Day Away Sale on April 26. This should be a lot of fun; it’s a group promotion for cozy (and *cough* cozy-adjacent) fantasy with an emphasis on diversity in both story and authorship. For more on the sale generally, check out Promise Press. (I know I’m going to fill out my “books I’ve been meaning to get eventually” list.)

Specifically, all three Healers ebooks will be 0.99 in the US and UK from April 25-30. I apologize to all the other parts of the world; Amazon’s sales tools are pretty limited.

I’m working on getting a book-newsletter type ad in the same timeframe. Fingers crossed.

On the topic of diversity, something I care a lot about, let’s not get this twisted: I listed THR’s diversity categories (Kei is the patron saint of damaged bisexual cinnamon rolls and I am not taking any questions at this time or ever), but did not list myself as a diverse author. This isn’t out of any kind of shame or secrecy, but more because I’m uncomfortable justifying/defending/proving my own categories. I have a whole history of grappling with the Not Nonbinary Enough demons and the How Can You Possibly Be Bi and Ace at the Same Time firing squad, as well as acknowledging the touchy optics of being a female-passing person in a long-term relationship with a cis man. I don’t want to take up space in the queer universe, even as I promote it constantly. It’s complicated.

So there’s that. But. I am excited to be a part of this event.

Welcome? I hope?

Tomorrow and Wednesday (Dec. 12 and 13), I’m lined up to run some ads for The Healers’ Road for the first time since 2015. It will be on sale for 99c in the US for 5 days, from the 12th-19th.

So we might get some new readers, which is cool! Or…maybe not, I don’t know! Should be a learning experience in any case!

If you’re new here, welcome. The Books pages on the menu contain all of the details about my books. I have two pen names. One for mostly-serious slice-of-life fantasy where cranky people have long conversations about things. One for goofy portal fantasy about a magical therapist.

This is a freeform blog where I tend to ramble about:
a) where I am in the writing process (often “lost”)
b) video games (I started The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild a couple of weeks ago, and have Tears of the Kingdom lined up after it)
c) other people’s books (still a die-hard LeGuin fan, sorry not sorry)
d) anime (my favorite series is Revolutionary Girl Utena; I gravitate toward girly, artsy and as close to devoid of fanboy pandering as possible).

I’m a self-published part-time person-who-lines-up-words with a desk job in the nonprofit sector. All of my education was in STEM, approximately one thousand years ago. But I like writing. A lot. And so here we are.


If you’re not new here, also welcome.

A tweak and an apology

  1. I’ve dropped the price of the Therapist novellas to 99 cents. I could ramble about why they were priced higher in the first place, how I hoped that maybe this would prove that my work was worth more than I’ve historically charged for it, etc., but the truth of the matter is that it’s just not working. So I dropped the price after all.
  2. I am very sorry to anyone who bought the new book at full price when it went down so quickly after release. I did not intend to scam anyone. I think Amazon is lenient with returns on ebooks if you want to pursue that route. With my sincere apologies.
  3. I have thinned out some of the storefronts that weren’t working. Here’s what’s staying:
    • Healers: Amazon and Gumroad
    • Therapist: Amazon; Gumroad for the first book only (still PWYW including free).

As I was de-listing everything on Kobo, I found out that apparently I have sold 106 books there lifelong. Which isn’t technically nothing, but it feels like it. Maybe I’m just feeling discouraged right now; I’ll own up to that.

So that and Nook are out. I am not considering putting Healers back on Kindle Unlimited at this point, but I might with Therapist once the omnibus is ready. If so, it would have to come down from Gumroad.

Okay, enough literal shop talk. I’m marking this post “sales” because of the price drop, though I expect it to be permanent. Thanks!

Just noting

If Gumroad starts pushing NFTs, I’m moving to another system. Just FYI. <3 (and yes, Amazon is also evil, I’m aware. But evil + hilariously transparent scam + melting the planet for no reason = I choose not to support that, thx.)

In the meantime, feel free to buy wherever works out best for you. This is a no-guilting-the-readers-as-long-as-they-aren’t-pirating space.

And if you can’t: if this were a professional writing outfit, I’d say get it from the library — libraries are great, and our household uses Overdrive and Hoopla constantly. However, this is not a professional writing outfit, so my stuff is not in libraries.

So: If you somehow heard of the books, want to read them, and don’t have money, just ask me (contacts are on the About) and I’ll send you an ebook. No need to justify it, just ask. No strings. Life is short, and it would be cool if someone wanted to read one of my piles of words. It’s also cool if people want to pay me for them, because I try to use money for things other than melting the planet.

Anyway, uh, watching out for that. Back to working on books 3 and ?0.5? simultaneously because what is focus, really.

New year! Check-in time.

A chain of circumstances led to the realization that I haven’t checked my “author” email in several months, maybe even a year or more. Oh hell, that’s bad. I’m very sorry to anyone who tried to contact me. I don’t expect anyone to contact me, so I don’t look, and sometimes people do. Oops.

So hey, why don’t we take stock at this artificial dividing line between 2020 and 2021? (The new year is on April 1 in my books, let me be salty)

Last time I did this I scored it with a Canadian song that I love, so how about…

(“Whiteout Conditions”, the New Pornographers)

(Last time it was this one; I still love it, and I learned how to play it on ukulele this year, which tickles me to no end)

(I’m from the US, not Canada; y’all just have some musicians that I like. Plus socialized medicine)

Continue reading New year! Check-in time.

Tomorrow, the world.

Update on availability: Book 2 (The Healers’ Home) is now off Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Book 1 will cycle out of that system on June 24, and at that point, I’d like to release both on some other platforms.

So the goal is the week of June 24, if all goes well. Maybe I can also get it together(tm) and rerelease it in print? Maybe? Who knows.

Book 3 feels like one of those dreams where you try to do a task and it keeps turning into something else. You try to dial a phone, but every time you look, the phone is now a cabbage. It’s progressing, sure, but the plot keeps veering west even though I’ve carefully explained to myself that veering east is less trite and more interesting. Sigh.

I may just let it be that “something else” and let the chips fall where they may. That’s difficult, sometimes. It’s a learning experience.

Sale? Sure.

I’m trying to take advantage of this fairly new “not feeling crushed under a two-ton weight of doubt and fear” thing to, among other things, get things in order on the book front. Not only to write Book 3, but to catch up on things I’d meant to do with the technical side of 1 and 2.

Such as:

  • Update the website. Uhhhhh… happened. After a fashion.
  • Reformat 1 and 2 for print – for the first time for 2.
  • Look into releasing outside Amazon. Honestly, so far the Amazon-only situation has been based in procrastination and worrying about getting it wrong. “Wrong” in the sense of releasing a book with mangled formatting and annoying people, not in the moral sense.

If I’m going to release in other markets, then 1 & 2 won’t be available under Kindle Unlimited in the future. I know some folks have read them that way, and I do hope Amazon isn’t going to be obnoxious and cut anyone off. Honestly, if something like that ever happens, I’d rather just email the person a copy.

Secondly, looking at my Unlimited (well, KDP Select) dashboard, I haven’t run a sale since 2016? Geez. Okay. May as well take advantage of that option while I have the chance, then. (Amazon only allows a particular kind of sales if your book is exclusive to them. So once we’re out of that clause, the price can be changed, but a limited-time sale is out.)

Book 1 (The Healers’ Road) is on sale from April 8 – 15 at £0.99 at In the US, it’s at a price point that I’m not allowed to discount further through that widget. These things are complicated.

Book 2 (The Healers’ Home) is on sale April 8 – 15 at $0.99 at and £0.99 at

Those are the only storefronts that I can reach through these sales. Sorry about that, everybody else. I know you’re out there!

Right now I’m looking into Kobo/Rakuten (/Overdrive, MY NEW BFF AS A READER) and Nook/B&N. Then, if that goes well, maybe Smashwords or something else more direct. We’ll see how it all goes. I’m sure this gets easier with practice, like everything else.

Finally, I have 3 more copies of The Healers’ Road in print, older cover (still love it, just older) available for completely free. Details are in the previous post.

Thanks, all.