A tweak and an apology

  1. I’ve dropped the price of the Therapist novellas to 99 cents. I could ramble about why they were priced higher in the first place, how I hoped that maybe this would prove that my work was worth more than I’ve historically charged for it, etc., but the truth of the matter is that it’s just not working. So I dropped the price after all.
  2. I am very sorry to anyone who bought the new book at full price when it went down so quickly after release. I did not intend to scam anyone. I think Amazon is lenient with returns on ebooks if you want to pursue that route. With my sincere apologies.
  3. I have thinned out some of the storefronts that weren’t working. Here’s what’s staying:
    • Healers: Amazon and Gumroad
    • Therapist: Amazon; Gumroad for the first book only (still PWYW including free).

As I was de-listing everything on Kobo, I found out that apparently I have sold 106 books there lifelong. Which isn’t technically nothing, but it feels like it. Maybe I’m just feeling discouraged right now; I’ll own up to that.

So that and Nook are out. I am not considering putting Healers back on Kindle Unlimited at this point, but I might with Therapist once the omnibus is ready. If so, it would have to come down from Gumroad.

Okay, enough literal shop talk. I’m marking this post “sales” because of the price drop, though I expect it to be permanent. Thanks!