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Reading conditions, insomnia and me

This past weekend, I spent an afternoon in a car, midway through a family trip from the eastern US to the Midwest, reading through and making what are probably my last edits to Therapist book 3. And I think my work might be best suited to moments when you’re a captive audience, like car trips — assuming you don’t get motion sickness, of course. (I’m very lucky; I wouldn’t have survived childhood without reading in cars. I remember reading one sentence at a time as we passed under lights on the highway.)

Similarly?, I started reading Wyngraf issue 3 — a literary magazine focused on “cozy fantasy”, and one I highly recommend — in the middle of the night, on vacation, kept awake by acid reflux. Which are precisely the conditions under which I started reading issue 2 last year. There’s at least some rhyme and reason to that; short stories are nice when you aren’t sure how long you want to keep reading, and when you’re cursing your own body’s mundane failures, something cute and soothing hits the spot.

The latter is also why I read large stretches of the Dreamhealers series in my first few rounds of a style of insomnia that I can look forward to “enjoying” for the next ten years or so. (Maybe. It’s complicated.) Now I’ve settled into slowly reading through a nonfiction book which I only pull up under those conditions.

So sometimes it’s not just a matter of finding a book that matches your taste; it’s a matter of finding a book that compliments your situation. Not necessarily matches it, but compliments it.

Or maybe it’s just how my broken brain works: I remember where I read some particular books more than the details of the story. Over lunch, in a particular room at my day job: that’s I am Livia or The Thief or The Goblin Emperor. One park bench is Winter Tide, another is Glitter Up the Dark, a picnic table in the same park is Cryoburn. I also remember reading a lot of Song of Achilles while awake in the middle of the night due to stomach problems. At home that time.

Who knows. Moving on.

Anime update: Breaking: Cats are cute


As per uzhe, the setup of Therapist book 2 is proceeding in slightly borked fashion, at least on Amazon – the price is not what I intended, and the author name is backwards. \o/

Hopefully it will be up properly within a day or so.

Edit: It’s up. Woo.

Book 3 is with a beta reader now. I’m still sitting on book 4 before editing it, and in the meantime, rabbiting after a goofy sidestory idea in that universe. I have four of those lined up, potentially, meaning that the sidestories will be fully as long as the main series. Which sounds fun.

Edit 2: Spring anime: Trying out Skip and Loafer, Yuri is My Job!, and possibly, depending on early reviews, Too Cute Crisis. Skip and Loafer is definitely a winner.