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New record

Everything was ready, as far as I could tell, so I went through the set-up process on Amazon, uploaded the new book file, and hit save. It went along its merry way of … doing whatever it does for 72 hours, probably making sure it’s not plagiarized or something.

And I realized

The title page still says “published on [date]”

New record: Stupidest possible mistake


So… new non-Healers, “light-ish novel” book will be out tomorrow, hopefully. This is just for the ebook so far, so I just have to re-upload it. It’s…. …. …fine. It’s fine.

It’s fine.

EDIT, next day: Okay, it’s fixed. It’s up on Gumroad as pay-what-you-want, because I wanted to experiment with that option. So… next would be print formatting, which is a complete self-indulgent bit of nonsense, but hey, so is this whole project!
EDIT, the day after that (11/30): Print formatting done. Ordered a proof. Amazon lost the cute font I was using for the chapter headers, so I’m a little salty, but I really should have known better. Oh well. We’ll see how it looks in the proof.

“I paid for Crunchyroll and I’m using it, dammit”

We’re about a week out from my self-declared due date for novella feedback, which means that if all goes well, I can launch it within a couple of weeks?!

  • collect any other feedback
  • make some more edits based on that (I’ve gotten some great comments already!)
  • finalize text, test digital version again, lay out for print
  • design paperback spine/cover (have the digital/front cover now)
  • Today I’ve managed to outline most of 5 novellas in the series, to complete the overplot that’s teased in this first one. ???? I mean, none of this existed even in the slightest glimmer 3 months ago. I’m consciously deciding not to question it, and to run with this as long as it lasts.

Still working on outlining the next Healers book, too. I feel like I’m still in the “dump out all the Legos on the floor and sort through them” phase.

Fall 2022 Anime Rambling

It’s the season of hot beverages (here), rejoice

Little updates:

  • The Healers’ Purpose just hit 100 copies on Amazon; round numbers are neat. Several on Gumroad as well. Ironically, Gumroad sends me an email each and every time a copy of something sells, but I pay less attention to it. That doesn’t seem right. I ought to either check it more often or turn off those alerts. Maybe both. Anyway, that’s nice.
  • The new side project is in the hands of a couple of beta readers; thanks, folks, even though you can’t “hear” me here! Commissioned a cover illustration that I really love, and sent it over to my usual titles/design expert with a bunch of examples of English light-novel covers and an explanation of what the hell I’m trying to do here. Should be fun.

Recommendations / book talk:

In which I squee, a lot, about Mindtouch

Sticky post: Most Recent Releases

Welcome! Here are the newest releases. (I’m trying to be concise for once. Can you tell?)

Healers / Balance Academy Series Book 3: The Healers’ Purpose

On Amazon – print and ebook; Kindle Unlimited where available
On Goodreads – rate and review

Content Notes / Trivia

Released mid-August 2022

The Salty Mageknight and the Sweet Dark Lord (How I Became a Therapist in Another World book 7)

On Amazon – ebook and Kindle Unlimited where available

Content notesTrivia / Recap of the non-romance plot points if you are skipping this one

Released mid-April 2024

Beta reading status: I don’t have anything even close to ready for beta reading currently. However, if you’re interested in beta reading any time in the future (for either series) or have a trade I might be able to help with, feel free to contact me. or u/ofthecageandaquarium on Reddit. Let me know which series you’re up for. I’m going to try to continue both. (RIP my spare time.)

When, eventually, I get to the point where I have something ready, there’s no obligation whatsoever. This is more of an “open to being asked” list.

Trades: I don’t always have time or energy to properly devote to beta reading for other people, and I’m trying to be more honest with myself about that. But when the stars align, I love to beta read. However, my genre lane is: not grimdark (though I am fine with some stress, and actually really love a mix of happiness and sadness), not super-hard science fiction. It doesn’t even have to be specfic, but let’s be honest, that’s what I know best.

So if you have one of those, especially if it’s in that zone of maybe quirky, maybe sad, maybe uplifiting specfic, I’d love to pay it forward.