Content Notes: The Salty Mageknight and the Sweet Dark Lord

  • Homophobia in Earth-based flashbacks — no slurs used on-page, but there are explicit references to homophobic bullying, both verbal and physical.
  • Tons of swearing. More than the rest of the series put together. No sexualized / gendered swear words, just everything else up to and including “fuck.”
  • References to / effects of depression, and a little dissociation. Moderate angst when the grumpy half of the grumpy/sunshine has the mic, at least for a while.
  • References to armed combat (swords/clubs) and mild injuries (bruises and pulled muscles) resulting from it.
  • Sexual content: All m/m. More than the rest of the series but still at a low-to-medium spice/steam level, about a 2 on the scale.
    • There are no on-page sex acts, but there are references to and discussions about them. There is on-page kissing (some of which is fairly intense), cuddling and handholding. One of the leads visits a sex shop and talks about buying/reading pornographic books.
    • If we’re talking tropes, it touches on friends to lovers (though they are already interested in each other by the start of this book) and absolutely runs on grumpy/sunshine. One lead is just coming to terms with his sexuality / this is his first serious relationship; the other has been comfortable with his for a long time, but it’s not a “gay for you” situation. Communication and being honest with yourself are major themes. Apart from an experience gap that they’re aware of and talk about, neither is particularly leading/dominant over the other.
  • Still a reincarnation isekai, with passing mentions of the leads’ deaths. Very little detail or focus this time.

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