Monthly Archives: May 2024

Let’s not think about “good uses of our time”

Did I just spend 45 minutes tweaking and uploading covers for the Therapist series just to take “By” off them, because it was starting to irk me? Yes. [Have not updated this site yet; I want to get on to actual writing today.]

Did I accidentally upload the omnibus file (i.e. 4 books) instead of the book 1 file, while correcting a very small mistake in it?

Also yes. Caught it just in time.

Did I spend probably an hour the other day researching new cover styles for Healers only to discover that I don’t know how to do some pretty elementary stuff in the graphics program I recently bought?

Uh, also yes. Someone should probably get me away from this computer before I break something.

On the other hand, what will probably be the 8th Therapist book is coming along swimmingly. [“Probably” = the next few may end up sorted in a different order than they were written, the way 5-7 did.] Healers 3.5 is started, and my doubt meter is higher on this one, but I have not abandoned that project by a long shot. It’s all going. Just slowly.

It’s spring here. Hooray.

Just a quick check-in.

  • It’s solidly spring here! Hooray! Planted a border of native plants and bought some herbs. It’s going to be a fairly low-ambition gardening year this year, though, because:
  • I finally have a date for a medium-seriousness surgical procedure that will end a health issue that has been plaguing me for about a year. Scary yet exciting stuff. I hope to keep writing and reading through recovery (which is short, 2-3 weeks if all goes well). But in the interest of my own mental health, I hope to keep my internet use to a minimum through that time. So if I drop off the radar next month, that’s why.
  • Speaking of reading: still making my way through that haul from the sale. Good times.
  • Speaking of the sale: I’ve committed to listing Therapist book 1 in the July sale. That’s quite a ways off, so more details once we get closer.
  • I’m not going to make any promises about what I’ll finish writing first, but I am continuing to write consistently. I’m stressing myself out thinking about when the next thing will be done, so let’s leave that aside for now.
  • Anime corner: Still continuing Train to the End of the World, Tonari no Yokai-san, The Many Sides of Voice Actor Radio, and Laid-Back Camp, along with the Spice and Wolf reboot. The latter is going exactly on pace with the first adaptation so far, so I sincerely hope it gets additional seasons.
  • Game corner: Started the free-to-play MMO Palia, which is so far the only MMO I’ve ever played. It’s a complete pain to attempt to chat on the Switch and I don’t like keyboard controls, so I don’t know how long this will last. But it’s nice enough so far. In the early phases you don’t actually have to interact with other players, which is just my speed.