Sale time

Therapist book 1 is now 99c in the US / equivalent “about half off” everywhere else it’s available. I figure I’ll continue it through the week, so till May 31.

That’s it for now!

EDIT, May 29: Added a little page recapping the plot points of Therapist book 7 for anyone who has been following the series, but wants to skip this one. I stand by that book, but I also recognize that I’m not very good at “sticking to the assignment” and changed lanes. Not many people read both f/f and m/m (and m/f and nb/anyone and nobody/nobody, hi, it’s me, I read everything), and I went and included both in the same series like a not-very-smart person. So with that in mind, I wanted to create a little “here’s what else happened” list.

EDIT, May 31: Sale’s over; thanks to anyone who took a chance on Book 1! It is slated to go back on sale as part of the July 12 Cozy the Day Away promotion. More details once we get closer.