Monthly Archives: June 2024

Update (good)

Somewhat TMI, fair warning. Bodies are weird, and if you don’t listen to them and ignore early symptoms, sometimes they go full body-horror WTF on you.

Back at home and doing pretty well. Turns out general anaesthesia hits my brain like a truck, because it took me longer to come out of it than the surgery itself took. So that’s the lesson of the day.

[CW: Links are both to reproductive health articles] The procedure went well, and extracted the body part that was going rogue; it was even more rogue than we expected. But that’s resolved, and I’m very glad to be rid of it. And the near-absence of pain is almost eerie. I was in a little bit of pain most of the time, punctuated by much worse symptoms that came and went. It’s wild that eventually, once everything heals up, it might not hurt at all.

Now I just have to take time to heal and not pick up anything heavy for several weeks. Sounds like a plan.

What’s self-control?

As a gift to myself, a long-overdue update, and a general “stop waffling and jump into the deep end already” move, I’m commissioning custom art for new covers for the Healers series. I probably should wait till they’re complete and do a big unveiling, but I’m excited, so I’m going to say it now. eeeee!

So if you’re midway through the series and want them to match, I hope to have the new edition ready within a couple of months. Just FYI.

Besides that, my Big(ish) Medical Thing date is Tuesday 6/4, so I will probably drop off the radar for a few weeks after that. It shouldn’t be a difficult recuperation (fingers crossed), but I am going to make a conscious effort to limit my internet use while I’m recuperating. It’s a bad time to doomscroll. I intend to keep writing, mental clarity permitting, and work my way through my TBR pile. And, let’s be honest, build Lego sets, watch some anime series, and take naps.


  • read all/as many as possible of the books I bought from Cozy the Day Away before the next sale
  • finish the first draft of the current project (Therapist 8, a.k.a. The Ballad of the Bardbarian) by the end of June

Bardbarian is turning into a short-for-fantasy novel (75k?) rather than a novella, but it’s progressing.

Wish me luck and happy Pride Month (in some regions), everyone.