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Write stuff, break reality, have fun

C.A. Moss’s author page on Amazon is finally up, because I was reminded that author pages exist. (S.E. Robertson’s has been up for ages.) So if that’s a thing you use, there they are.

(Also, there’s no way book 2 is the “most popular?” What does that even mean? Oh well.)

This came out of an interesting discussion with a friend of my spouse’s who wasn’t aware of the extent of the writing I’d thrown out there online. Which is in absolutely no way a bad thing; if anything, it reassures me that I’m not boring everyone around me with my constant nattering about my work. Hopefully.

But the gist of it is that you, YES YOU, can put writing out there if you want to. There is no meaningful barrier to entry, to the endless tooth-gnashing frustration of a lot of auteurs. If you feel like it would be the realization of a lifelong dream? Fucking go for it. Why not. Life is short.

Now, making large quantities of money with said writing is exceptionally difficult. That’s an entirely different topic. So is scoring appreciable amounts of recognition/fame/social capital. There are one million and one hucksters hawking hacks(tm) to beat the system(tm), and I am not one of them. I’m not saying you’ll become An Author or that people will recognize you on the street* or that you’ll earn enough money for a white chocolate macadamia cold brew.

But if you’ve always wanted to try it, and wonder if maybe other people, even in the single digits, would be interested in what you made? If that’s not a blow to your ego but a fascinating possibility?

I, for one, think it’s fun and that you should go for it. People whine all the time that there are too many books out there, but hey, what constitutes “too many”? People whine that a lot of them are bad, but a) who decides that and b) who cares? When it comes to painting or learning to play the guitar, we (“we”) are capable of recognizing that the process is gratifying just because humans love to create things and express themselves, but “we” completely throw that out the window when words are involved.

Writing is fun. Do it if you want to. Share it with people. Maybe no one will be interested. But maybe someone will. And at that point, you’ve already had your fun, so no harm done.

You have my permission as an internet rando, if you want it. Try it.

* I’ve never been recognized on the street. Shudder. But I did experience a moment of extreme internet weirdness today when I popped into a book rec thread to collect some book recs and found my book on the list. A “but doctor, I am Pagliacci” except with books about sad jerks who don’t slay dragons. My brain is still turning itself inside-out. I mean it’s an honor, but also *incoherent shrieking noises*.


  • Therapist 4 is as edited as it’s going to get. Waiting on the finished cover now. 3 just came out, so I’m going to spend the next few weeks waffling around for no constructive reason before finally releasing it. There will be a lot of work after that point, formatting the omnibus etc., so maybe I ought to enjoy the break.
  • Of the four potential Therapist side stories, I have a first draft of one of them and a first draft of a second about a quarter to a third of the way along. Still moving ahead.
  • Currently playing Pokemon Violet. This is the first time I’ve played a mainline Pokemon game, actually. In games when you have a number of characters that you can swap into your active team, I always level them more or less evenly. This habit is going to be the death of me this time, I think.
  • Skip and Loafer still excellent. Witch from Mercury catch-up continues; still excellent. I am now distracted wondering what in the hell people in the otherworld eat in Restaurant to Another World, since they are constantly talking about how terrible their own food is. Guys. Is the drinking water full of lead in your world? Are you okay?

Quest fully launched.

Therapist 3 now has a Gumroad link, so the release is now complete. Part 4’s editing process continues with reasonable success. The cover commission is in the works, and it looks great.

I’m still on track to complete this series by the end of the summer. Now, the omnibus/print cover is going to be A Whole Other Thing, and I will need to wait and see whether Reddit implodes under its own corporate greed before I can start that search. (Deep sigh.) But I can get the four novellas out in any case.

I’ve been thinking a lot about What Next, but I think the answer is “one step at a time, fool.”

Other updates:

Harvestella Got Weird in a manner reminiscent of another JRPG series after all. (implied spoilers inherent in that link) I’m in chapter 7, which I think is near the end of the storyline, and just hit the beginning of year 2. I’m still enjoying it. It took until chapter 6 or so for the script to start spouting complete JRPG word salad. That’s pretty impressive. (and look, I’ve played this genre for 30 years, and play over 100 hours a year of them to this day. I love them. I can slag on them if I want.)

The sidequests remain a highlight, although I get the frustration some players have with their bite-size structure. It’s just fun to see a range of topics from “I am a Dark Angsty Dude Seeking Revenge for my Slaughtered Village” to “I am a robot trying to figure out human emotions, so I became an advice columnist”. It’s like each and every sidekick character is coming from a different genre, and I love it.

Oh! And the SNES emulator on the Switch just released the original Harvest Moon. Which is neat. But the new port of Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life is also coming out, so between [Mostly Action-JRPG Stuff and A Little Farming] and [All Farming All the Time], I’m probably going to take a break with something other than a farming game.

Skip and Loafer remains excellent, and I will miss it when the season ends in a couple of weeks. I have still not started the second cour of GWitch. But I finally finished up The Executioner and Her Way of Life — my previous treadmill show — so the decks are clear to get started.

Executioner displayed the problem inherent in making an adaptation of an ongoing work and also the problem inherent in the light novel format, where nothing meaningful ever gets resolved so that the series can run forever. In other words, nothing meaningful gets resolved in this one-cour series. Which I pretty much knew going in. There’s a setup, a couple of small arcs, and then it just kind of ends. But it was fine. I don’t regret watching it.

Button pushed.

Therapist 3 is processing on Amazon now, meaning that it should be available within 72 hours. I’ll put up links as soon as I get them, or ~The Algorithm~ will probably (hopefully?) push it at anyone who has read 2. There are still another couple of steps to set it up on Gumroad.

I really like this one, actually. It’s fun.

[edit: also, I didn’t plan for this to land at the beginning of Pride Month, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Book 3 has a lot of “entire D&D party of queer weirdos” energy, probably moreso than any of the other volumes. It also introduces one of my other-other favorite side characters, a cranky triple-A druid/mage]

Next, working on edits/rewrites for part 4. Sticking a landing is always difficult, you know?

Meanwhile, something that happened recently: My birthday was yesterday (spoiler: I’m old. And an atypical Gemini, I guess), and my spouse got me a nice 4-part picture frame with the two Therapist cover arts that were completed at the time and spaces for 3 and 4.

It’s very sweet. It feels like a promise on my part to finish the series, which I do intend to do. But it also feels like a vote of confidence. They always say not to have friends/family/spouses read your work, and I’ve always made sure to get additional readers during the editing process. But that support means so much to me. I’ll break that rule for that reason alone. Besides, talking about our projects is priceless, and (at least to me) never gets old.

Anyway. New novella soon. <3

Edit: Okay, it’s up! See the sticky post. Or the algorithm. Or the Light-ish Novels page. Thank you and goodnight.

Edit 2: And the next day (6/2), I finished the first draft of one of the Therapist side stories. Yeesh. It’s been a week, hasn’t it.