Button pushed.

Therapist 3 is processing on Amazon now, meaning that it should be available within 72 hours. I’ll put up links as soon as I get them, or ~The Algorithm~ will probably (hopefully?) push it at anyone who has read 2. There are still another couple of steps to set it up on Gumroad.

I really like this one, actually. It’s fun.

[edit: also, I didn’t plan for this to land at the beginning of Pride Month, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Book 3 has a lot of “entire D&D party of queer weirdos” energy, probably moreso than any of the other volumes. It also introduces one of my other-other favorite side characters, a cranky triple-A druid/mage]

Next, working on edits/rewrites for part 4. Sticking a landing is always difficult, you know?

Meanwhile, something that happened recently: My birthday was yesterday (spoiler: I’m old. And an atypical Gemini, I guess), and my spouse got me a nice 4-part picture frame with the two Therapist cover arts that were completed at the time and spaces for 3 and 4.

It’s very sweet. It feels like a promise on my part to finish the series, which I do intend to do. But it also feels like a vote of confidence. They always say not to have friends/family/spouses read your work, and I’ve always made sure to get additional readers during the editing process. But that support means so much to me. I’ll break that rule for that reason alone. Besides, talking about our projects is priceless, and (at least to me) never gets old.

Anyway. New novella soon. <3

Edit: Okay, it’s up! See the sticky post. Or the algorithm. Or the Light-ish Novels page. Thank you and goodnight.

Edit 2: And the next day (6/2), I finished the first draft of one of the Therapist side stories. Yeesh. It’s been a week, hasn’t it.