Sticky: Cozy the Day Away Sale

Next sale date: April 26! More info here at Promise Press, the organizers of the sale, and/or check out their Discord server.

The organizers want to make sure everyone is getting a good deal on all the books, so here’s the full breakdown. The Healers’ Road is officially part of the sale, but all three Healers ebooks will be on sale at the same prices for the week beginning on April 25. The print book is the same as usual. (Sorry; it’s already about as cheap as it can get.)

Breakdown by Amazon storefront:
US: $3.99 -> $0.99
UK: £3.14 -> £0.99
Euro-based storefronts (DE, FR, ES, IT & NL): 3.75€ -> 2.69€
IN: 325 -> 49 INR
JP: 599¥ -> 99¥
CA: $5.25 -> $2.99
MX: 69.75 MXN -> 34.99 MXN
AU: $5.99 -> $3.99

i.e. “how low will Amazon let me set the price for the duration of this thing”. Honestly.

As a reader, I’m sure I’ll post about my haul as well. I plan to break my one-in one-out policy for this, so you know I’m taking it seriously. 😉