MVP: Catherine, unless it’s Dedue

  1. As soon as the cover titles are done, Therapist book 2 will be ready to release. (No pressure, ha) The first draft of Book 4 is progressing fine. I don’t want to put a particular timeline out there because not everything is under my control, but I’m optimistic.
  2. Finished the Blue Lions / Azure Moon playthrough of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. I think this game has eaten my brain mostly because of its focus on character interaction. Also, I’ve always liked tactical JRPGs. Two great tastes, etc.

— spoilers —

So, Dimitri got better, Dedue lived, I’m satisfied. The whole thing between Dimitri and Edelgard was… a bit much at times, and let’s not even touch the “childhood crush vs. unknown stepsister” thing, thanks — but it reached for an operatic, over the top tone and generally hit the mark. Dimitri’s “you stepped on my foot / cut in front of me in line / breathed in my direction, so you must have caused the Tragedy of Duscur” phase went on too long, IMO, but otherwise I enjoyed it.

As I mentioned in my last post about FE3H, I recruited as aggressively as I could for the second play-through, which made for a longer play-through but a more flexible one. By the end, though, I’d leveled everyone up to a master class, and spent all my time attempting to unlock Support points in order to see as many cutscenes as possible. Didn’t get them all. Got a lot. Among the endings, I don’t buy Felix/Ingrid for one nanosecond, but a lot of the other ones were very sweet. (Also, hey, her family needs the money, and he wouldn’t stop her from being a knight. So it’s not bad, just that the whole “marry the younger brother because the older brother died” is historically accurate but pretty squicky, sorry not sorry)

It amused me that we ended up with half a dozen Knights of Seiros or Monastery faculty/staff on the roster, and still didn’t bother rescuing Rhea until the very end, offscreen. No matter how much some of them complained about it. She knows what she did.

So now I’m starting the Red House / Crimson Flower playthrough. I’ve carefully read enough spoilers to know that if you try to break out of Edelgard’s plans, the resulting story is more similar to Verdant Wind, so I guess we’re just going to ride the evil empire train. Here we go.