One… more… dollar

I bumped up the price of The Healers’ Road to $2.99 US from $1.99, where it’s been for … a while (couple of years?). So all three of the current Healers books are set at $2.99. It’s just based on Amazon’s floor for 70% royalties – at $1.99 I make 70 cents per ebook, and at $2.99 it’s about $2. I’m not a huge fan of the Zon overall, so I’m not saying their system is particularly fair or great, but I am too tired right now thanks to Mystery Not-Covid Cold or Whatever (with bonus day-job stress) to get into the whole wall of text.

Basically, ~$2 seemed nicer than 70 cents. And if you’re interested in reading the book and that dollar makes a difference, I will gladly send you a copy by email for zero dollars. I’ve always said that, and it continues.

Writing update: Therapist book 4 has passed 10k, which means it’s… a quarter to a third of the way done? This novella thing is wild. On a whim, I also skimmed through my Healers-verse side project the other day, and … I still really like it? Once Therapist is done, I might come back to that before deciding what to do with Agna and Kei. As long as I keep working on something, anything, really, it’s serving its psychological purpose here.

Gaming, which is all my brain has energy for today: Fire Emblem: Three Houses spoilers for about 2/3 of the way through Azure Moon.

Once I realized that I had missed a big swath of potential last time by not recruiting, I went on a recruiting spree. It didn’t work all that well? Knowing what’s going to happen in the plot, it feels quite sad, especially when I went tearing around the monastery in the last pre-timeskip chapter begging everyone to join us before it was too late. (In my head, of course.)

I ended up with all of the Knights (I think — Shamir, Catherine, and Alois; and Gilbert just joined after the timeskip); the other two professors; Cyril; Petra from Red House; and Ignatz, Marianne, and Lysithea from Yellow House. And Seteth and Flayn, of course. And then the story screwed over Dedue OFF SCREEN, thank you very much (though… show us the body, tropewise), making me very salty that I’d blown a rare item on him not that long before the timeskip. It’s still quite a gaggle of characters to juggle. But it’s okay, we’re getting some fun cut scenes out of it.

On the other hand, my knowingly-silly decision to make Dimitri the Dancer got very funny all of a sudden. I don’t really regret it, though — for a while I just had him follow Dedue, and that worked really well. (Though one of Dedue’s quotes in that situation is “I failed you”, which is … quite funny as a response to a goofy little buffing dance)

So yeah, the Azure Moon plotline feels a little off the rails, as we tag ineffectually along behind our newly bloodthirsty and clearly unwell house leader instead of, you know, stopping him in any way whatsoever. Right now I’m at the chapter where they ask Byleth whether we should attack the Empire or retake the Kingdom’s capital, and I said the latter specifically because it’s not what Dimitri wants to do. Because at this point, fuck that guy.

I’m having a good time. Obviously.