A brave, slightly annoying new world

This is mostly a test post – it means I’ve managed to log back into the site from my new computer. I’ve had the same desktop computer for … something like ten years now?… as well as a li’l netbook that I used to take out to coffeeshops, back when that was a thing.

This reasonably powered laptop should replace the desktop, once it’s all set up. It’s a much-appreciated anniversary present from my extremely patient spouse. 13 years is supposed to be “lace” or “textiles”, but this time it’s electronics. <3

Anyhow, for the last couple of weeks I’ve been noodling around with a new, completely unrelated story idea in a different fantasy subgenre, and have written four chapters and outlined a few more. I’m only aiming for 13 chapters – a long novella or a short novel – so at this rate, it should be a nice detour for a couple of months before I get back on the road. (Fingers crossed.)

And I do intend to get back to it; after backing up all the files from my old desktop, I got sidetracked reading bits of The Healers’ Road. I still really like it. Maybe that’s weird. Too bad. I can also see how The Healers’ Purpose is different from it, and I’m okay with that too.

So let’s see if this works, in more ways than one.