Well, fire up the kettle, it’s inevitable

Laid-Back Camp is not only about camping.

It’s about camping foodies. Who also camp in cold weather so you can bundle up and huddle around a fire, instead of my experience of summer tent camping: sweating your face off while being attacked by mosquitoes.

I did not know this when I started the series. All I knew going in was camping. I assumed summer.

So it’s also a foodie show. Cooking, camping, cold weather, and truly enormous scarves. So basically it’s perfect? Turns out I started it at exactly the right time of year, too.

So there’s that.

Gave up on Disco Elysium because of the bug/crash/freeze, for now. Started Slay the Spire, after getting used to the simplified card battle mechanic in Ooblets. So far I have only gotten through it twice, both times with the same relic – so I’m not good, is what I’m saying. [It’s the pyramid one that holds over your leftover cards till the next hand. I think I also had an energy-increasing relic in both runs as well. Those combine well.]

But not with every waking moment! Also working on a fluffy/goofy side project. If I can finish five chapters by the end of this month, I’ll consider seeing it through. It would be a one-off, I’m pretty sure. Under a different pen name, so as to cut down on confusion. But it might be fun anyway.