The year was more interesting than this. I think.

Everything else except books, because Goodreads is always the last. (Also, I might finish the book I’m in the middle of before the 31st. One more would be nice.)

A screenshot of Nintendo’s year-end wrapup. 19 games this year, 790 hours total. Visible on the carousel: Super Nintendo and Game Boy emulators, Tears of the Kingdom (which I didn’t actually play; that’s an accidental click from when my spouse was playing it), Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, Harvestella, and Ring Fit Adventure.

I’d never cast aspersions on how anyone else spends their leisure time (assuming they aren’t causing harm to anyone), but uh yeah, I average 2 hours a day on the Switch.

Pulling the full list from Backloggd, not counting a couple of emulator games I tried out here and there:
[Ongoing] Ring Fit Adventure
Garden Story
Wide Ocean, Big Jacket
Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Coffee Talk: Episode 2 – Hibiscus & Butterfly
Cult of the Lamb
Pokemon Violet
Road 96
Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster
Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life
[Replayed Unpacking during a really bad week, still one of my favorites]
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Most Played graphic from Nintendo. #1, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, 181 hours; #2, Pokemon Violet, 139 hours; #3, Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, 105 hours.

…I played through Fire Emblem three times to see the main story branches. I did not do the two sub-branches of Red Team’s story, however, or any of the DLC. And it still ate 181 hours. In the dragging half of winter, which helped.

“Gaming Trends” (genres) slide from Nintendo. #1 Role Playing, 42%, #2 Action, 16%, #3 Strategy, 14%; #4 Adventure, 12%; 5 and 6, Construction & Management and Character Driven are tied at 8%.

These are called genres, Nintendo. “Trends” are like “why did extremely hard indie platformers take over the earth for a while there.”

Community slide from Reddit: r/writing, r/pittsburgh, r/selfpublish. The pithy slogan is “You found your people”

These are absolutely not my people, how dare you

This just illustrates what I said last year: I cycle through subreddits as they get on my nerves. Right now my love/hate relationship with r/writing is at the point of “I’ve mostly become numb to the things that make them annoying, and every so often they have an interesting discussion.” There are plenty of nice people on r/pittsburgh and they have plenty of funny/interesting/useful threads, though it’s also troll-infested, contentious, and sometimes unhinged. r/selfpublish is an ….interesting… mix of useful information, “I refuse to do even one second of research, tell me what to do,” and AI fanboys sliding down slippery slopes and foaming at the mouth about typewriters. (always. always typewriters, for some reason)

Category slide from Reddit. Writing / North America / DIY & Crafts. “From now on, this defines you” is the subhead

*astronaut meme* Always has.