The summer of awkward midcentury secrecy

Just noting that I still exist, on another editing break and working on the side project The Strangers’ Crossroads which… may be a thing. It’s nearly 50 pages in now, so it seems to want to exist. I do enjoy that phase of the story where both narrators are truly unbearable human beings, see also the first half of Healers’ Road.

Taking one thousand years to get through Chicory because I am very bad at it; I think I’m just not suited to the Switch stick controls with this game. Oh well. Not the game’s fault. I’m constantly lost and skipping a lot of the optional puzzles, but enjoying it enough.

(I named my character Coffee without realizing that they were an apprentice / replacement to a character named Chicory, which, among other things, is a coffee substitute. Irony? Ha.)

I convinced my spouse to start Spy x Family once we finished Villainess, and let me tell you, the internet is correct: this show is fucking excellent. After watching Villainess fall apart in its second season, I still brace myself for disappointment down the road, but so far? No notes. OK, except that I have found out that it’s pronounced “spy family” and may continue to call it “spy ex family” because I think that’s more entertaining.

One note, then. Also I hate Yuri after 1.5 episodes, but the story has not yet expected me to sympathize with him, so that’s fine. I just got out of two shows in a row with stupid incest plotlines; get this shit off my television please and thank you.

Other than that? Chef’s kiss.