Desk + head

Coming to you this evening from the home office which used to be my remote day-job workplace from April 2020 through mid-June 2021, and which still doesn’t feel quite “right” for writing projects. Gotta get back on the horse, though. Book 3 isn’t gonna finish itself.

This evening I realized two things:

a) the “books” page didn’t have Kobo links yet, so that’s fixed

b) I’m planning to make my stuff available on Gumroad for anyone who wants to fully avoid Amazon / kick more of the funds to the artist / what have you, which leads me to…

b) 1) I absolutely do not remember how to format a flipping ebook; the 4+ years since I last published have fully wiped that knowledge out of my head.

I found this page, hallelujah, from a self-publishing guru who has been around long enough that even I remember his site: Formatting an Ebook: A Step-By-Step Guide. It also name-checks Zen of Ebook Formatting, which caused one of those jolts-to-the-brain of an uncovered memory. Just the existence of that book, mind you; not how to do any of this. I remember the cover! Just not the contents.

So now I’m off to read that page, and then Zen of Ebook Formatting, and eventually, someday, I’ll have clean, new copies of Books 1 and 2 in a couple of format options on Gumroad.

Yes, this is procrastination.