Lore: Other Notable Groups

The Benevolent Union

An organization founded in the aftermath of Kavera’s civil war several decades ago, the Benevolent Union is a charity organization that pulls together workers and expertise from several other churches and organizations; the “union” in Benevolent Union is implied to refer to this coalition of other organizations. Its main goals are literacy, improved infrastructure, and medical access. It regularly employs energy workers such as healers and earthbreakers, engineers, builders and laborers, agriculturists, teachers, and medical professionals. Its projects vary over time and by location, but they are active in Kavera, Yanwei, Nessiny, and Achusa.

The Golden Caravan

A federation of merchants who travel around an established route through the wide countryside of Kavera. Two such bands exist, cycling around the same route at a six-month interval, and are often locally nicknamed by the time of year they arrive at one’s town. However, among the merchants, they name themselves after the time of year that they depart Vertal: the spring caravan and the autumn caravan.

Each band has a leader and their assistants, a cadre of guards to protect the merchants and their goods, and a few merchants contracted directly to the caravan to ensure the needs of the guards are met — most importantly, a cook. Otherwise, each traveling merchant signs on with the caravan for as long as they see fit, renting their space in each campground along the way. The caravan also tends to include a mobile clinic operated by the Benevolent Union. Assorted others join and leave the group as well, either to travel with safety in numbers, or to capitalize on the crowds drawn by the caravan’s markets — such as acting troupes and musicians.