Lore: Locations: Achusa

Primary language: Achusan, which is similar to and mutually intelligible with Nessinian

Primary religion: Most of Achusa is secular, with a smattering of Church of the Divine Balance, Church of the Four, and a belief system native to Achusa, which honors specific locations and figures in history.

Government: A federation of city-states and local districts, most governed by a democratically elected mayor or governor. Disputes are argued at great length in moderated debates; there is no central authority. However, various entities such as merchants’ guilds and the University of Applied Energy hold noticeable, if unofficial, influence over their territories.

Geography: Located to the northwest of Nessiny, Achusa is cooler and more mountainous than its larger neighbor. It exports more metals and minerals, however, and the weaker sway of the Church of Eytra means that it has fewer qualms about doing so.