Content Notes: Starting Over in Another World with My Level 99 Self-Doubt

  •  It’s a reincarnation isekai story, meaning that the narrator died and was pulled into a fantasy world in the process. It’s far in the past, but it does come up.
  • A moderate amount of swearing, mostly hell/damn level, and a handful of f-bombs.
  • Several references to poverty and struggling under poverty / late stage American capitalism in the narrator’s backstory. The tone is mixed: not misery porn, not sunshine and rainbows either.
  • ○     Specifically: references to freeganism/dumpster diving, buying secondhand goods, living in shared housing, and struggling to access health care, as well as anger at the system generally.
  • Two references to drug use (not on-page, one in a metaphor and one reference to backstory)
  • Lots of references to alcohol use; the narrator works as a bartender.
  • Violence: one reference to a fistfight; one reference to sexual violence in backstory (specifically, “I’d never seen anyone in the [i.e. this] bar grab anybody inappropriately”)
  • Sexual content: two instances of flirting that get shut down and dropped; one reference in backstory to watching bar owners pick up women at their bars
  • The agender lead has a moment of dysphoria related to clothes/presentation.

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