Content Notes: How I Became a Therapist in Another World

Homophobia is touched upon with one character in particular, but the rest of the setting does not have any. This is intentional. I also strive to create worlds with as little ingrained sexism as I can consciously manage, and this is one as well (again, with one character as an exception. He’s not “from here”…).

There’s a “fluffy” level f/f romance subplot – no on-page sexual activity, but there’s flirting and some kissing. The narrator’s sexuality would generally be shelved under bisexual (attraction across the spectrum, but with a preference toward one area of it), though she tends not to label it specifically.

Because I felt like playing with the “isekai hero with multiple love interests” trope, the narrator has a developing romantic interest with one woman and a flirtation with another. There’s also a side character with a half-dozen romantic interests (and/or polycule, it’s unclear), half male and half female.

I choose not to use sexual assault or the threat thereof as a plot point or backstory in my work. There are no children or pets in peril in this novella either. There are some mentions of livestock being eaten by a dragon, and a horse gets very scared by a dragon fly-over, but ends up safe.

There’s some light to moderate swearing.

There’s some moderate violence and scary scenes, particularly some monster posturing in the second half. One bit mentions blood in the aftermath of a violent event. And, well, this is the kind of isekai-inspired story where the narrator is fatally struck by a motor vehicle on the first page. There isn’t much detail, but it happens on-page.

There’s a plotline in the second half where a character is being followed by a supernatural presence, so if you have that “someone watching behind me” phobia, that’s something to know.

Because this is a series about a magical therapist, several characters address mental illness or emotional upset. I regret that each of them is touched upon rather quickly, since this book isn’t very long, but I have tried to depict them as compassionately as I could in the short time they’re depicted. In particular, there are set pieces depicting social anxiety, anger management issues, codependency, depression including passive suicidal ideation, and PTSD related to death / grief.

I repeatedly say “light-novel-inspired” and “isekai-inspired” because I intentionally picked up some tropes from those genres, left some aside, and twisted others to my own ends. It’s not a parody of light novels or isekai, I have nothing against them; it’s not a complete example of them either; it just draws on them for inspiration. So if you are looking for a straightforward/”normal” isekai story, this isn’t it.

Thanks, and if you choose to read, enjoy!

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