Content Notes: How I Became a Therapist in Another World 3

Content notes:

  •  There’s less dark psychological stuff this time around, just one demon that isn’t especially scary.
  • More violence, though (whoops?): two battles against supernatural snake-creatures. The main characters are also held up by a group of people with swords, though that’s more of a “block your path while brandishing a weapon” situation and not a directly-held-at-swordpoint situation. It’s still not a good time.
  • Still an isekai story – there are references to a couple of characters’ deaths, including the protagonist.
  • Swearing: This time around we have a side character who swears a lot, generally PG-13 level cursing (hell/damn level, no f-bombs or gendered/sexual curses). One character makes a rude gesture.
  • Sexual content: Similar to book 2, there is on-page kissing (f/f) and vague allusions to other off-page activity.
  • Ongoing side plot about magical retconning / rewriting people’s memories.

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