Content Notes: How I Became a Therapist in Another World 2

Content notes:

  • No homophobia this time! woo hoo!
  • No animals or kids in peril. Actually no kids at all, coincidentally. The horses are all chill this time.
  • No threats of sexual assault.
  • This is loosely based on a genre where the narrator gets reincarnated in a fantasy world, which means that the narrator died at the beginning of book 1. It’s referenced less often in book 2, but it does come up a few times.
  • There’s less heavy psychological content in this book than in book 1, but references are still made to anxiety, depression, nonspecific phobias, guilt / possibly PTSD, and (briefly) substance abuse, all in the context of the narrator’s work as a therapist. 
  • The narrator is overworking herself and heading for burnout in this book, though she hasn’t quite gone that far yet. There is stress around it.
  • Fewer demons too, but we still get one.
  • Light to moderate swearing on occasion.
  • Domestic dispute / arguing, no physical violence around that.
  • Alcohol consumption; the narrator works in a tavern/restaurant.
  • Implied rewriting of reality / magical pseudo-gaslighting / retconning in-story.
  • Violence: Mention of a character being shot with an arrow (they recover). Swordfighting and slinging around of combat magic. No one is injured by either of the latter.
  • Sexual content: F/F romance subplot, with kissing and implied other stuff (fade to black / not on page).

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