Content Notes: The Sylvan Dragon’s Herald

●     Violence: A character has a crossbow pointed at them; this is on the first page, but it doesn’t get more violent than that

●     Two brief mentions of gender dysphoria, specifically one moment of self-consciousness about the narrator’s voice and one about her clothes

●     A couple of mentions of an unsupportive family of origin, not related to gender

●     Extended depictions of social anxiety / agoraphobia, including panic attacks

●     Extended depiction of depression

●     Some scary demon imagery (Hazel and Morel’s demons as seen in book 1, the agoraphobia / social anxiety panopticon serpent demon and the depression slime monster)

●     Mild f/f romance references (nothing more than hand-holding on page)

●     Brief mentions of mind control magic (in reference to Book 1)

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